H olmdel H istorical S ociety

PO Box 282, Holmdel Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey 07733

Old Holmdel Village Drawing
circa 1900

Holmdel Village Drawing, circa 1900

In 1976, Holmdel resident and Holmdel Historical Society member Peg McEowen sketched this view of the village area of Holmdel, as it appeared circa 1900. The print measures 11" x 17" and is in brown ink on heavy ivory paper. Unframed prints are available for $25 + $4 shipping. They would make a great gift. Every house in Holmdel should have one!
We have a few prints available that were signed by Peg.
Please mail your check to Holmdel Historical Society, PO Box 282, Holmdel, NJ 07733
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