H olmdel H istorical S ociety

PO Box 282, Holmdel Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey 07733

Postcards and stationery
from Holmdel Historical Society

Around 1975, Holmdel Historical Society had postcards printed by William H. Becker, Inc., of Keyport, New Jersey. Each card was of a different historic scene of Holmdel. They measure 3.5" x 5.5" are sepia with brown print. These postcards are for sale at $1.00 each while supplies last! They can be mailed as post cards or saved as collector's items.
There are limited quantities of the following historic Holmdel scenes postcards. These items are only available through the historical society. You can email questions or your order to Holmdel Historical Society:

Holmdel Historical Society is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization run by volunteers and donations.

The Holmdel Inn, photo by Marion Phillips
Holmdel Inn

J. Alex Guy General Store, c1873, photo by Marion Phillips
General Store

Dr. Robert Cooke's Medical Office, c1823, photo by George Herrmann
Dr. Cooke's Medical Office

Holmdel Historical Society Museum and Headquarters
(formerly old St. Catharine's Roman Catholic Church, 1879), photo by Terry Fogarty
old St. Catharine's Church

Gideon Daly Race Track & Stables, 1890-1912, photo by Marion Phillips
Gideon Daly's Race Track

Hendrickson House, c1694, photo by George Herrmann
Hendrickson House

Hance's General Store, 1800s, photo by Marion Phillips
General Store

Ely's Mill, 1829, photo by Carl Zellers
Ely's Mill

Kovenhoven Homestead, photo by Karl Kim
Sold out!

Bayonet Farm, photo by Alphonse Avino
Sold out!

Hillcrest School, early 1900s, photo by Karl Kim
Sold out!

Slave house on McGee Farm, photo by Karl Kim
Sold out!

Parsonage, 1882, photo by Karl Kim
Sold out!

Blank note cards with a drawing by Peg McEowen of old St. Catharine's Church, including envelope.
Note cards

Please add $1 postage to your order and specify which ones you would like. Send your check to:
Holmdel Historical Society
PO Box 282
Holmdel, NJ 07733