H olmdel H istorical S ociety

PO Box 282, Holmdel Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey 07733

Landmark Plaques

Bronze plaque

In 1975, The Holmdel Historical Society began distributing these handsome bronze plaques to homes in town that were built before 1875. About 65 plaques were distributed.

The W. O. Hickok Manufacturing Company of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, manufactured these plaques for the Holmdel Historical Society. They are made of bronze and measure 4.25" diameter x 5/16" thickness.

If you have information about this plaque program, please contact the Holmdel Historical Society.

If you would like to help compile a list of houses, please contact Holmdel Historical Society. Eventually, we will post a list of Homldel Landmark Houses.

Also, if you have a plaque on your house, please contact Holmdel Historical Society.