H olmdel H istorical S ociety

PO Box 282, Holmdel Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey 07733

Holmdel Cemeteries

Not all burials are well documented. In 1885, an unknown reporter once wrote a tantalizingly short, one-sentence story: "William Heyer of Holmdel, Monmouth County, recently dug up eight human skulls from his marl bed." The news made the front page of The Trenton Times on August 1, 1885.
Who were they? How did they die? What did Heyer do with the skulls?

Holmdel Historical Society is looking for someone to head up the cemetery project. There are 27 known cemeteries in Holmdel. Some cemetery listings are indexed, some are searchable online and some cemeteries are in need of physical maintenance and landscaping.

We would like help from someone with expertise in creating a database and a search engine to reconstruct this Holmdel cemetery webpage as a free, online searchable database of all Holmdel pre-2000 burials. There are thousands of people doing genealogy research that can trace their ancestral roots to Holmdel. Holmdel has gravestones dating from 1736. There are a lot of people buried here!

If you are this person ready to take on this task, please contact Holmdel Historical Society.

Here is a partial list of known cemeteries in Holmdel:

- Ackerson Family Burying Ground - same as Indian Hill Cemetery
- Crawford Family Cemetery
- Dorsett Town Historic Cemetery
- Hendrickson Family Burying Ground
- Holmdel African American Cemetery
- Holmdel Baptist Cemetery
- Holmdel Roman Catholic Cemetery
- Holmes Family Burying Ground
- Holmdel Cemetery
- Indian Hill Cemetery - same as Ackerson Family Burying Ground
- LeQuier Family Cemetery - same as Van Brackle Family Cemetery
- Luyster Family Burying Ground - same as Van Schoick Cemetery
- Miller Avenue Cemetery - same as Old Walling Family Burial Ground
- Old Walling Family Burial Ground - same as Miller Avenue Cemetery
- Pleasant Valley Cemetery - same as Schenck & Couwenhoven Cemetery
- Schenck & Couwenhoven Cemetery - same as Pleasant Valley Cemetery
- Smock Family Burying Ground
- Van Brackle Family Burying Graveyard - same as Lequier Family Cemetery
- Van Schoick Cemetery - same as Luyster Family Grave Yard
- 1st Reformed Dutch Church of Middletown - same as Old Holmdel Yard