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Clevenger Brothers Amber Glass Log-Cabin Bottle

Amber  Amber  Amber 

This is a rare, log-cabin shaped, amber colored, commemorative, hand-made, mouth-blown glass bottle made by Clevenger Bros. Just 250 of these bottles were made for the Holmdel Historical Society in November 1981. The bottle measures 3" x 4" wide and 9" tall.

Each bottle was hand-made, mouth blown and hand-tooled finished one at a time by a Clevenger Brothers glass blower.

Obverse: "North American Log Cabin, Holmdel Township 1857-1982, Celebrating 125 years, Smock Farm So. Holmdel, Hornet's Nest, Revolutionary War Years" with an image of a cannon and cannon balls in center.

Reverse: "North American Log Cabin, Longstreet Farmhouse Holmdel Park, Circa 1770 Holmdel, N.J., Holmdel Historical Society" and has an image of Longstreet Farmhouse in center.

Bottom: "Clevenger Bros Glass Wks Clayton, NJ"

The Clevenger Brothers glass-blowing factory was established in 1929. They used authentic early 18th century style American glass. The original formula came from the Moore Brothers Glass Works, c1880, and allowed the shade of color to vary from batch to batch. Examples of impurities of yesteryear including bubbles, batch stone and cord can still be seen in some examples. The Clevenger factory closed in 1999.

We have a few of these bottles remaining in stock, available for sale for $20 each + $10 shipping.

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