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St. Catharine's Church altar


Patrick Farrelly Mrs. Elizabeth Brady Farrelly of Jersey City, New Jersey, donated the hand carved altar to St. Catharine's Church. Her husband, Patrick Farrelly (1841-1904), was born in parish Castlerahan, County Cavan, Ireland, and was the president of the American News Company of Chambers Street in New York City. Farrelly was a prominent layman in the Catholic Diocese of Newark. Mr. and Mrs. Farrelly donated windows, lamps, bells, and other church furnishings to several new churches in New Jersey. Pope Leo honored them for their services to the church. Mrs. Farrelly donated the altar in honor of her patroness.

The altar table is 96" length, 44" width and 39.5" high. The tabernacle is 24" length, 24" width and 24" high and has a locking front door. There is gold paint underneath the current topcoat. The hand carved structure is wood, probably oak.

If you have pictures or more information about the altar, please contact Holmdel Historical Society.

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