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PO Box 282, Holmdel Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey 07733

History of the US Post Office in Holmdel

The post office in Holmdel was organized in 1830, when Doctor Robert W. Cooke was appointed the first postmaster of Holmdel Township, on January 21, 1830. This post office was not the first post office in Monmouth County. A post office in Allentown was established in 1795 and one in Matawan was established in 1795.
In the early days mail was delivered by stagecoach from Hazlet. Later it was delivered by rail to Bradevelt in Marlboro.
Between 1900-1915, the post office was located in Alex L. McClees Harness Shop on East Main Street.
In 1916, Taylor Hance was appointed postmaster, a position he held for 40 years.
Between 1955-1962, the post office was located in Harry Pitcher's garage in the Village.
On January 30, 1963, the post office rented 2400 sq. ft. of space in the building owned by the Holmdel Village Fire Company on Main Street. A stamp to mail a letter cost five cents. Holmdel did not yet offer home delivery. Residents had to visit the post office to pick up their mail in their box.

Holmdel Postmasters, Acting Postmasters and Officers-In-Charge:
1830-1849 - Robert Cooke
1849-1853 - Gilbert H. VanMater
1853-1853 - John T. Wyckoff
1853-1861 - Thomas W. Thorne
1861-1868 - Charles S. VanMater
1868-1869 - George S. Jones
1869-1885 - Henry W. McGee
1885-1889 - John H. Hyer
1889-1890 - Charles R. Megee
1890-1892 - Frank P. Megee
1892-1896 - John Alexander Guy
1896-1900 - Alexander L. McClees
1900-1912 - John Alexander Guy
1912-1916 - Alexander L. McClees
1916-1955 - Taylor W. Hance, appointed July 20, 1916
1955-1960 - Mrs. Frances L. Pitcher
1960-1961 - Mrs. Ruth H. Jeffrey
1962-1964 - Harold R. Braun
1964-1965 - ?
1966-1966 - Lawrence F. O'Brien
1967-1967 - ?
1968-1970 - Harold Braun
1970-1983 - ?
1984-1992 - William E. Leonard
1992-1993 - Gregory J. Barna
1993-2000 - Robert A. Ryan
2000-2003 - Peter J. Gaitens
2003-2007 - Arlene Masterson
2007-        - Carl Beams

Holmdel Postmaster Charles Megee died by mistakenly drinking carbolic acid on January 22, 1890. Megee asked a servant at his brother Garrett's town inn for something to drink. She served it to him, thinking it was a bottle of beer.

On March 17, 1892, authorities placed Holmdel Postmaster Frank Megee in the Newark jail and charged him with stealing money and registered letters. Two decoy letters were found on him. Mail robberies had been occurring for months in Holmdel. The postmaster was suspected, watched, and finally caught. Megee didn't have much luck after that. His smokehouse in Morrisville burnt down in 1896. He lost 12 hams in the blaze.

The post office has been operating out of their own building on Crawfords Corner Road since November 11, 1974. The current facility is 7500 square feet, and cost $400,000 to build.

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